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Bridging the Gap
Between Innovation
and Market Reality

Welcome to Kadosh Co-Create, the innovation hub of Kadosh Mechatronics. This is the crucible where groundbreaking ideas are transformed into market-ready solutions. We are the nexus where creativity converges with practicality, providing visionaries with the resources to actualize their aspirations.

Core Offerings


Innovation Space

Objective: To cultivate a collaborative ecosystem that encourages creativity, brainstorming, and problem-solving.

Impact: An intellectual breeding ground where the next industry-changing innovation could be just a dialogue away.


Hardware Incubator

Objective: To equip startups with the essential resources, mentorship, and tools to transition from a prototype to a market-ready product.

Impact: A springboard for hardware innovations poised to revolutionize the industry.


Maker Lab

Objective: To provide a state-of-the-art facility replete with cutting-edge technology for hands-on learning and product development.

Impact: A sandbox for creators to experiment, refine, and actualize their innovative ideas.

Target Audience


Offering specialized educational programs and experiential learning to nurture the next generation of innovators.


Supplying resources and training modules to empower educators in fostering creativity and innovations within academic settings.

Education Sector


Providing a nurturing environment for startup founders to accelerate their journey from concept to commercializtion.


Partnering with established businesses to co-develop solutions that address real-world challenges.

Business Sector

the kadosh virtual innovation lab (vil).

Embark on a journey of remote innovation with the Kadosh Virtual Innovation Lab (VIL).

Designed for remote students and tech enthusiasts, VIL offers a blend of expert mentorship, hands-on training, and a wealth of online resources. Turn your tech ideas into functional prototypes or projects, all from the comfort of your home. Explore the Virtual Innovation Lab.

Success Stories

Discover the journeys of veisionaries who have successfully transitioned their dreams into market-ready products at Kadosh Co-Create.


Kadosh Co-Create was pivotal in evolving my startup from a mere concept to a market-ready product.

Sarah Benny
Founder of EcoTech

Upcoming Events



"Innovation in IoT" Workshop



Annual Co-Create Hackathon

Get Involved

Are you an innovator, creator, or visionary? Learn how you can integrate into the Kadosh Co-Create ecosytem.

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